Jesus died on the cross for us. I thank you, Jesus, but I would never have asked that of you.

My prayers are with you.

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For our troops

The author of this prayer is unknown.

If every single person in existence followed the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule, there would be no need for any other law.

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I would very much rather occupy the lowest place in Heaven than the highest place in Hell

Because I love you


From ancient times, comes the Pa-Kua of the Tao. The Pa-Kua delivers us from evil.

Thanks to the blessings from the sacrifices the ancient Taoists made for the rest of us, we can enjoy the benefits the Pa-Kua brings us. And these benefits are the healing, balancing, harmonizing and righteous and loving powers of the universe. The Pa-Kua gives all this to us and guards us with these powers. This is not legend. This is fact. And you can find the story in the book titled ‘The Great Tao’, by Dr. Stephen Chang. You can get this book over at Amazon.

The Pa-Kua symbol is inside a crystal sphere, and it is according to the legend of the crystals, the very ancient formations our Earth gives us, that the color green is the healing color, so this sphere is filled with the green healing essence of the universe.

The very center of the Pa Kua is God’s symbol. Around the outside of God’s symbol are, from the top and going to the right: revitalization, balanced diet, forgotten food diet, healing, sex wisdom, mastery, success, philosophy. These make up the entire Pa Kua.
The 4 symbols around the edge of the Pa Kua are:
Top, left to right - protection, purify
Bottom, left to right - vitalize, long life

All homes and businesses should have the Pa-Kua hanging in them because it brings harmony, health, wealth, and happiness. It is the fundamental Feng Shui. Therefore, I am giving this symbol to you for free. Just on this website. All you have to do is copy and paste whichever one of these three you like into your word processor, resize it, if you want, and print it out. Frame it as you like, or not, and hang it wherever you need this protection. Make sure you hang it right side up. The red is always on the bottom, exactly as I have it here. If you are getting the all black Pa Kua, make sure the symbols are positioned exactly as I have them here. Very important.
May God bless.

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Here is a quote from someone who has used the Pa Kua.

“I let my friend lend the picture you sent because she had "visitors" making lots of sounds in her new house. Everything is much better now. She sends her thanks to you. You can never be sure that it was the pakua that did it, though, as you know. But the fact is that it is much better now.”
Agneta, from Sweden

Now here is a little story about the Pa-Kua by Dr. Stephen Chang. You’ll find more stories in his book ‘The Great Tao’. Here’s the story:

“A student of mine had a friend who was both an accountant and an investment adviser. This friend, confident of his abilities, ran expensive advertisements, which brought only very few clients to his door. For years, his business was extremely slow, and he considered changing locations. Then my student purchased a sign from the Foundation and gave it to his friend as a gift. In that same week, his friend’s office was crowded with people and his phone rang unceasingly. His friend did not have to move to another office. Both thought the sign was responsible for the sudden change in luck.”
Quoted from Dr. Chang’s book ‘The Great Tao’. The ‘sign’ was the Pa-Kua.
You can purchase Dr. Chang’s book ‘The Great Tao’ over at Amazon.

Thought I’d give you another story about the Pa-Kua from Dr Chang’s book. This is a different kind of story.

“I myself have personally experienced the power of the sign. A young woman brought her mother to my office to seek my help. Her mother had been possessed for twelve years. Her mother had been placed in mental institutions, treated by psychiatrists, and had been the subject of several exorcisms performed by several ministers. Nothing worked. When the mother came in, guided by her daughter, I was slightly taken aback — I had never seen anyone who looked like her. Her mother had a green face. Some areas of her face bulged out and some sank in. Her lips were blue. Her dark brown hair, cut short, stood up by itself. She tried to say something but no words came out. She suffered from shortness of breath and she did not have the strength to walk or stand.
After the young woman helped her mother to sit down, she asked me for my help again. I sat down behind my desk and lowered my head to ponder the problem. I had never seen someone possessed, and I had to think of another way to help the woman because I do not favor exorcisms. Just then I heard a sharp scream. I looked up quickly. The screams came from the daughter, who was exclaiming, “Look at my mother! Look at my mother!”  My eyes rested on her mother, who looked beautiful! Her face was no longer green! Her cheeks were pink, her complexion was smooth, and her lips were red! Her hair lay flat on her head and it was blond! The woman stood up crying and she walked toward me, saying, “Doctor Chang. Thank you! Thank you! That thing has left me!”  She hugged me. But I had to tell her the truth. “Dear lady,” I said, “I do not deserve your thanks. This wonderful miracle you so much deserve is none of my doing. From where you sat you faced the Pa-Kua symbol directly. The evil spirit cannot withstand the power of the symbol. That must be the answer.”
This quote is from ‘The Great Tao’ on page 352 by Dr. Chang. The center of the Pa-Kua is God’s symbol, so it stands to reason evil can’t stand against it. Again, you can get a copy of ‘The Great Tao’ over at